A Better Way,

for Better Leaders

Does our world need a better way to choose better leaders? Do you believe in Education, Justice, and Freedom for All? Are you ready to live in a place that reflects your best values?

I am Tom Tomeny and my candidacy for Governor is to show Utah and the world there is a better way to do politics. Current political leaders, even the best of them, rely on money, lots of it, to get elected. So they end up following the gold rule, the ones with the gold, rule.

My campaign is about following the Golden Rule, that came to us from God in the flesh, Jesus Christ. He told us to love one another. Imagine living in a world of such love, our early pioneers called that place Zion. Because when all love our neighbors, and all neighbors love each other, Earth becomes as Heaven.

We have some real problems here in Utah. Education that is not nearly as good as it could be that costs all of us way too much. A criminal justice system that is often criminally unjust as it treats children of God with punishment instead of restoration. And a lack of freedom for those who are seen as non-conforming even when they may be of the purest hearts.

Lack of true progress is currently baked into the system. A system based on raising lots of money to run lots of marketing to win elections. So the current corporate interests are actually in control, rather than the people, whom are supposed to be sovereign.

Fortunately, social and technological advances have given us the opportunity to change this, permanently. A big idea of my campaign is to do it through social media, and spend almost no money to get elected. A vote for me is a vote for a future of better leaders, chosen in a better way. The challenge to all candidates in all races is to put aside the gold rule, and adopt the Golden Rule.

We can use social and technology advances to love one another, both in personal choices, and in cooperatively helping those most in need.

We have lived under the rule of gold far too long, let us now live according to the Golden Rule. It is the Way of Jesus Christ.

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