What if you were forced to share your home with strangers? ?

Arwen asked:

It’s 2011 and Socialism has taken over. Your home, your property became government property. Imagine you are a family of four with a 2,000 square foot home you owned for 20 years. Government thinks that 2,000 sq feet is way too much space for your family so they assign a family of three to live under your roof with you. The family lost their home because daddy is in prison and they applied for Government assistance. What would you do? Want Socialism? Get ready!
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Will i still qualify for government assistance if im going to school full time?

Baby Chris is here! asked:

Ok so i am 31 weeks pregnant. Right now in january and then once in april i am due to get a disbursement of student loans and grants etc. It totals to about $3000 bucks or so. However with that i use it to pay 3 months rent, and books, and all my other bills that i have like probation costs, restitution, and phone bills. So its pretty much gone within 6 weeks. I am also getting unemployment on a extension but i only have 8 weeks of that left and thats only 108.00 a week. Im taking 14 credits right now and next term i am taking 6 (im due in january and most of the classes are online) and i just got a letter from dhs saying that they need to redetermine my elligability for food stamps. I dont think they know im going to school full time so could they take away my food stamps if they find out. I only get that disbursement during the school year so in june im going to be SOL. Also i was thinking about applying for TANF cash assistance will i qualify for that? Since i dont really have a steady income? And most of the money i get from the school i need to pay back? also Im on OHP (medicaid). Also could i possibly get daycare assistance after i have my baby since i am keeping it? I am 20 by the way? and the dad is not around. Also im renting a room from a house so i do have 4 roommates but we are in no way related and in NO way help each other out financially! Thanks! I live in oregon by the way.

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Do you think that this idea is harsh and unfair?

Scheming Angel asked:

I think that women who apply for government assistance — such as welfare, food stamps, public housing or Medicaid — should be required to go on birth control in order to receive benefits. If they’re admitting that they can’t afford to feed, house, or support themselves and whatever children they already have, what right do they have to get pregnant? Not only would they make their own situation worse, but they’d be subjecting another innocent child to a life of poverty.

Naturally, the exam and medication should be provided for free, and should be something like Depo, Norplant, or an IUD. The pill wouldn’t be effective, because anyone who disagreed could throw them away and claim that it didn’t work.

Who thinks that this is a logical solution to an ongoing problem and who believes that I’m just being prejudiced and unfair? If you choose the latter, please explain why…
I should point out that I am on food stamps — and birth control — myself, so this isn’t a case of some middle class soccer mom not understanding the plight of hardworking single moms.
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Senior Citizens Handicapped Government Assistance?

Jessie asked:

My Grandparents have recently purchased their own home in West Plains, MO. They are both in their seventy’s and my grandmother has had back surgery and finds it hard to get around. While shes not in a wheelchair she is bad enough to be considered hanicapped, and has the special parking ticket and everything. In thier new home they are wanting to remodel the bathroom to make it handicapped excessible for my grandmother because its very hard for her as it is. They are however both on social security and can’t afford the remodeling. My question is, is there some kind of government grant, or program, possibly within the social security or medicare or something that would help pay with insurance and everything so that they could afford the renovations. They have asked me to help them find some information and so far i have come up empty. Does anyone know if they can get government assistance or at least where i could look to get more info


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Is there government assistance for eradicating mold from your home, and other health and safety issues?

maybeavonmaybenot asked:

We have a mortgage on our home. We qualify for some government assistance programs (CHP+, LEAP, free lunch program at public school) so our income is low to moderate.

We are a one-income family with 3 children.

We have a problem with heating our home efficiently and there is the added problem of mold on any wall that is an outside wall. Mold also accumulates on the window frames on the inside of the house.

I feel it is affecting our health but we don’t know where to start with eliminating the mold, making sure it doesn’t come back and are severly limited in funds to do anything.

Does anyone know of any grants, subsidies or programs that we might qualify for?

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Grants and/or government assistance to help get a house?

proudmommy_of2@ymail.com asked:

Ok.. I see advertisements all over the web and even on TV for government grants.. and they say you can get them to buy a house or to help with getting a house.. but you have to pay for all the ones I have came across.. and that seems to me like a scam.. you should just be able to go to a web site and search for them and apply for the one you want.. I was just wondering if anyone out there knows anything about this.. and how to go about doing it? I am in a really bad situation.. living with my mother who threatens me every day that shes going to kick me out.. me and my fiance both.. because he doesn’t have a job.. well he had one and was even manager, but they cut his hours back so far it wasnt even really paying for his lunch and gas to get there.. so I told him to just go ahead and quit.. and he has been going out every day applying every where trying to find a job and with the economy the way it is.. theres really nothing out there.. although he does have an interview at Arby’s tomorrow.. so we’ll see how that goes.. But I have a 3 year old daughter, and I am 3 months pregnant also.. And there’s really not enough room for us all here.. me and my fiance are sleeping on an air mattress if that tells you anything.. and if my mom kicks us out, theres no where else for us to go.. So I really would like to know about the grants.. and also I have heard of several government programs that will assist you in getting a house.. or help pay rent.. any information that you know that you think would be helpful in my situation, please please please tell me.. This is kinda an emergency as things are getting worse between my mom and me each day. Thanks in advance for any help!
I also wanted to add.. that I have been to the HUD web sites and looked through the government grants there..but unless I’m looking at the wrong stuff, it says all those grants are for organizations.. not for individuals.. or personal use.. But I might not be at the right page or even the right web site..
Well.. first off I didn’t ask this question to get put down.. and as I stated.. My fiance does have an interview tomorrow.. Also.. we had a really nice apartment.. but the electricity messed up and the land lord was taking forever to fix it.. so thats when we moved in with my mom.. we gave him a month to get it fixed and even paid rent for that month.. and in that time, he did nothing.. we got the money back.. we do have a little money saved up.. and we arent mooching off of my mother.. I help her out around the house and we help pay our share of the bills.. because I myself get money from my student loans where I’m going to college and alos child support for my daughter.. so please dont try to judge me because I am in a situation where I need a little help. We all fall upon hard times. When I got pregnant, we were doing great, and then everything started going down hill. One think I can’t stand is people who sit around and judge others. Like I said, I didn’t ask this to be hated on.

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what is another example of indirect assistance from the federal government?

Shell.B asked:

The federal government gives aid to business in two ways. (A) The government provides INDIRECT assistance by, for example setting up and maintaning lighthouses, buoys, and landmarks which aid sea and air commerce. (B) The government gives DIRECT assistance to business by, for example, giving a subsidy or grant to commercial airlines for carrying mail.
A. Give at least one more, different example of indirect assistance to bussiness.
B.Give at least one more, different example of DIRECT assistance to business.

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Is there a government grant for single mom’s that gives you money to pay for child care while in school?

lizzybean asked:

I am a single mother and I work full time. I make too much to be on assistance and I got a grant and loans through my school to pay for most of my school costs. But is there another grant you can get to help pay for the cost of childcare and other expenses while you are in school?

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Why is it that a poor white person can’t get free education, or government assistance, but other races can?

Kenny asked:

unemployment programs geared to help people go back to school, shot me down, financial aid shot me down, cant get government grants,the thinking is if your white you should be able to pay for it on your own.

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What is another example of indirect assistance from the federal government?

Belle asked:

The federal government gives aid to business in two ways. (A) The government provides INDIRECT assistance by, for example setting up and maintaning lighthouses, buoys, and landmarks which aid sea and air commerce. (B) The government gives DIRECT assistance to business by, for example, giving a subsidy or grant to commercial airlines for carrying mail.
A. Give at least one more, different example of indirect assistance to bussiness.
B.Give at least one more, different example of DIRECT assistance to business.
:) Thank you in advanced.

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Should persons and familes that receive government benfits be compelled to submit to drug testing?

J.T. asked:

So-called “Conservatives” are again calling for drug testing of people who receive government assistance. Their premise is that everyone who needs assistance is probably a drug using degenerate, including pregnant women and seniors. But they don’t think that business owners or its executives and officers who receive government assistance via grants, tax credits, loans, contracts, etc., should be subject to any such scrutiny. Their reasoning is that business owners and business executives and officers are honest, play by all the rules, and are above reproach. Should a woman who is newly divorced with children, a senior whose pension doesn’t cover their living costs, or someone with a debilitating medical condition in need of government assistance be categorized as a potential drug user and forced to submit to drug testing?

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I need to know how and where to go to get a government grant?

John A asked:

Im a 36 year old man who has never received any government assistance. I never had a student loan. I really need this grant so my wife and I can start a small business to better our life. Please help if you know any thing or any one who can help us.

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is kensington assistance agency for government grants a scam?

sandra asked:

they sent me a letter in the mail saying to call them for info about government grants that i was approved for free 30 minute program approval by phone. then wanted my account info so they could take out there fee for finding the grant for me first

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